SafeRecord provides cost effective
easy to use safety reporting, documents, forms and information all in one place to make safety compliance easier to manage and understand. 

SafeRecord is 100% New Zealand Owned.

Safety does not need to be hard

Removing the paperwork

SafeRecord is designed to remove paperwork from your safety compliance program. Of course you can continue to use paper forms and documents if you like. So if you really do like the tactile use of a paper form, we have a selection of these in our library for you to use.

Simplified forms

We have compared many safety systems and some seem a little over cooked. You need to get information in that is useful and absolutely necessary.  No extra waffle. 

We have worked hard to remove the waffle. We think you will be conveniently surprised to see how easy SafeRecord is to use.

Helping with your risks

As Safety Professionals, we can help you identify your risks and get them loaded into your SafeRecord system with some suggested controls to help get you started.

You, of course, still need to check the suggested controls and sign off that you have controlled each risk appropriately. That has always been your responsibility. We make the entry part easier so you can get onto the important part of Eliminating or Minimizing the risks in your business.

If you already have a risk register in Excel, we can help with admin there as well. One of our nice administrators can work through setting up and transferring all that good information directly into SafeRecord for a competitive hourly rate.

Simplified Compliance and Safety Support

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