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All your safety information together.

Enterprise Compliance on the Cloud

Our cloud based software provides easy access to your safety information and includes great tools, forms, guidance and information to help you succeed.

Emergencies and Incidents

Keep track of all reported incidents and events.
Manage Emergency preparedness and response.

Hazards and Risks

Identify, report and determine controls to reduce risk in your business.

Manage PPE and other gear your team needs to keep safe.

Manage hazardous substances.


Keep track of your employees and others including contractors and suppliers.

Keep track of their training, inductions, certifications and more.

Information and Help

A full document library available for your use with forms and information to assist your business compliance.

You also have access to specific risk assessments, work instructions and simplified procedures that you can then modify for your business at no additional cost.

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Use on 

Use our system on your selected platform. Phone, Ipad, PC or laptop and SafeRecord recognizes your device and adjusts accordingly. 

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