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From $60.00 per month for a single site SME business.

SafeRecord supports your compliance needs by keeping everything together.

We believe this support does not need to cost the earth.


How much should compliance really cost?

Getting it wrong can cost thousands of dollars and worse still, someone is injured because you have not managed your risks appropriatly. Just because getting it wrong could cost a lot of money, dosnt mean it is going to cost you a fortune to use SaferOne.

Single Site Business

For single site businesses you can subscribe to SafeRecord for 

$60.00 a month

Multisite Business

For multisite businesses with lower than 30 staff per site you can subscribe to SafeRecord for $30.00 a month per site. If you have more than 10 sites or are a larger business call us to discuss pricing options.

Multiple site logins - access views set at site level
Additional Adminstor users to view all sites and review company wide performance

Franchise Business

Dependent on the number of franchisee's and their size we can provide competitive pricing across your franchise.  P.O.A.

We provide additional dashboard tools and page edit options for large franchises to manage the information available to franchisee's and view the whole franchise safety performance.

Cost Effective Compliance

Why wait and wonder if this is all worth the effort.

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